Missions • Culture & Philosophy • Biblical Studies

Our curriculum is built to prepare students for a lifetime of dedication to missions (at home and abroad), thoughtful interaction with other faiths and philosophies, and love for the Bible. Our examination of worldviews and apologetics often takes students out of the classroom to interact with the fruit of ideas and thought systems: art, food, cultural events, architecture, and historical artifacts. Students return home with new skill sets for bolder ministry, more capable travel, and becoming more involved citizens of an increasingly global world.

Class Format

Saints courses follow an intensive module format—each class meets for 5 – 10 days, 6 hours per day, with a final exam or project due at the end of each class. Field trips often accompany the coursework, as well as panels, presentations, and changes of venue (i.e. meeting at a coffee shop). Daily classes run for three hours in the morning and afternoon with a midday lunch and study break (it’s Italy, you can take a nap after lunch). Course instruction will begin prior to arrival in Italy.

The Fine Arts course brings a week of coursework to life with a week-long tour through Rome, Florence, and Venice, guided by faculty and SBI staff. Travel, room & board, and museum entrance fees are included in semester tuition.

Conversational Italian workshops take place weekly, and you will have the opportunity to practice your language skills in daily interactions in the surrounding villages and towns. No language credit is issued.


  • CT 205: Christian Life Formation: Gospel in Cultural Life (1 hr)

  • CM 210: Cross-Cultural Missions & Evangelism (3 hrs.)

  • BIB 329: Acts (3 hrs.)

  • FA 211: Fine Arts (3 hrs.)

  • COM 331: Intercultural Communication (3 hrs.)

  • (students choose between) BIB 224: New Testament Literature & Interpretation (3 hrs.) OR HIS 211: History of Western Thought & Culture 1 (3 hrs.)

CLF: Gospel in Cultural Life delves into how the gospel interacts with everyday life in Italy.

Christian Life Formation

At Saints, we believe that formation—shaping faith, discernment, character, and action—is essential to education. Formation at SBI happens just as much outside the classroom as in, as students participate in conversations, dinners, relationships with staff, and cultural interaction and reflection. Our hallmark course, Christian Life Formation: Gospel in Cultural Life, trains students to experience the relevance of the Gospel to culture through observation of life in Italy throughout the semester.

Transferring Credits

The SBI course list represents up to 16 academic credits. However, the degree-granting institution determines the number of credits granted, not Saints Bible Institute. Be sure to meet with your academic advisor and/or registrar to determine how many credits will transfer back into your home institution. For gap year students, your transcript will remain at Bryan College for future transfer to your chosen college or university.


January 2011 marked the beginning of a wonderful partnership with Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. All SBI students enroll in Bryan College as visiting students and receive an official transcript (many or all of the credits are transferable, depending on your home institution and degree requirements). Bryan College is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia; 404-679-4500).


A textbook list is provided through Bryan College’s student resource portal prior to each term. Many texts are available for rent at SBI and will be noted on the list. All other required texts should be purchased in the United States and carried to Italy by the student. Because of the intensive format of each course, textbooks cannot be shared.