A term at Saints goes far beyond checking off required classes and touring the big-name landmarks in Italy. A term here—spring, summer, or fall—will challenge your faith, widen your perspective on missions and church, and push you to interact with classmates and faculty in stretching, community-oriented ways. You will walk through buildings that have stood for thousands of years, taste flavors that will linger in your memory forever, and build a cultural navigation skill set that can transport you through any city in Europe. And while you will come home with up to 19 college credits to your name, you will also forever carry a new sense of the reality of God at work in the story of human history. 

Hear SBI alumni share why they chose to study abroad.

How do you know if Saints Bible Institute is right for you?

Apply to SBI if you care about challenging and deepening your relationship with Jesus Christ. If you're interested in the how other cultures live, and if the thought of seeing Italy makes your heart beat a little faster. Come if you think exploring missions or investing in your community is in your future, and if you're willing to be challenged and to take risks. And come if you're ready to live and learn in a small family-style setting with new friends from a select group of Christian colleges.

 Admissions Requirements

Students must be American citizens or residents of college age (18-26)

Saints Bible Institute admits Christian students regardless of sex, race, ethnic origin, or evangelical denomination. SBI reserves the right to not enroll a student with significant health, social, or academic issues.

Application Requirements

  • Completed Student Application
  • $200 deposit (non-refundable, will be credited toward program cost)
  • Completed Ministry Leader Reference

Upon acceptance to the program, students must submit proof of both health and travel insurance. Students without health and travel insurance will not be permitted to participate in the program. You can find more information on our Resources page.

All application paperwork and the deposit are valid for one year. After one year, students must reapply to the program and pay a new application fee.

Tuition & Expenses

If you attend one of our partner institutions (Bryan College, Clarks Summit University, Lancaster Bible Institute, Moody Bible Institute, Arizona Christian University, Shorter University, or Toccoa Falls College), contact your university for the cost of tuition at Saints. If you attend any other university or are not currently enrolled in a college, contact our Admissions team for current pricing.

Financial Aid & Discounts

If you are currently enrolled in a college or university, meet with your Financial Aid advisor to find out what financial aid is available to you through your college, including scholarships, grants, or federal loans. Saints Bible Institute cannot directly accept federal aid.

 Returning Student Discount

Students who complete one semester at Saints Bible Institute receive a $300 tuition discount off each subsequent semester of enrollment.


Our partner schools pay students’ tuition directly to SBI—talk with SBI and/or your college to determine how to settle your balance if you attend one of these universities.

For all other students, deposit and tuition can be paid by check or money order. Please make check or money order payable to Saints Equipped to Evangelize or SEE and mail to:

Saints Equipped to Evangelize
P.O. Box 587
Bradenton, FL 34206-0587

Please include a note designating the student’s name and chosen semester.