SBI students have it rough.
Imagine waking up every morning surrounded by sky-scraping alps and quiet country vineyards. The Saints Bible Institute Center is a 200-year-old farmhouse converted into a modern residence and educational facility. The Center is located in San Lorenzo, Italy, about 40 minutes north of Venice.

Home Base
The sleepy Venecian town of San Lorenzo is home to SBI headquarters, known as "the Center." It is here that you will eat, sleep, study, and relax, surrounded by acres of vineyards and the majestic Alps.

Neighbor to the North
Udine (pronounced oo'-dee-neh) is San Lorenzo's nearest major city. The main piazza is laid out perfectly for drawing large crowds in need of the gospel.

Water World
Almost every turn you take on the winding streets of Venezia presents a postcard-quality view.

Not Just a Leaning Tower
On a crisp spring day, visitors fill the lawns surrounding Pisa's historic architecture.

The center of it all
The Colosseum is just one among the myriad architectural wonders of the famously historical city. Bring two things: a charged-up camera and a good pair of sneakers.

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Saints Bible Institute • Via Bertoiussi 29 • San Lorenzo di Arzene • PN, Italia 33090