Saints Bible Institute began converting this two-hundred year old farmhouse complex into a campus in 2004. Over the years three buildings have been renovated and become a home away from home for students, missions teams, and SBI staff.


The North building houses student dorms, the Saints Bible Institute offices, a library, multi-purpose student lounge, laundry facilities, and a pantry for storing student snacks. The student lounge doubles as a meeting space for Sunday morning church services and occasional classroom space. Wireless internet is strongest in the student lounge; however, internet speeds are much slower than most Americans are accustomed to.

In the South building you'll find the main classroom, the dining room, kitchen, additional dorms, and faculty housing. An auxiliary classroom sits across from the dining room for use when two classes run concurrently.


SBI classrooms are equipped with tables and chairs, whiteboards, projectors and screens, and a portable wireless hotspot for faculty use. Students bring personal laptops and have access to electronic library resources through Bryan College.

Office & Resources

The SBI office contains a modest library with theological texts and missions resources. A collection of textbooks is made available to students to rent for the semester.

Staff members can assist you in copying handouts as needed.