Welcome to Italy, fellow partner in our mission to form students with a lifelong passion for God's work in the world. The Saints Bible Institute curriculum is built to prepare students for a lifetime of dedication to missions (at home and abroad), thoughtful interaction with other faiths and philosophies, and love for the Bible. As the educational arm of church planting organization Saints Equipped to Evangelize, SBI also draws students into the day-to-day life, relationships, and strategies of missions in Europe.

Our Values


Saints Bible Institute works alongside Saints Equipped to Evangelize, a church planting team in a spiritually distressed region of Italy. Our curriculum prepares students for future mission at home or abroad.


Saints students study together, eat together, explore Europe together, and develop lifelong friendships. Staff and faculty act as cultural guides, teachers, and mentors.


Christian Life Formation courses, readings, community activities, and relationships with staff all play a part in forming students’ thoughts, perspective, and interactions with God and others.

Your Role

Your opportunities to contribute to student's spiritual, personal, and intellectual growth encompass the classroom and much more. SBI faculty live on campus with the students, sharing meals, walks, and leisure time. This time outside of lectures can lead to wonderful informal conversations and teachable moments. You also have access to spectacular outdoor classroom settings, including our campus courtyard, vineyard trails, and historical sites in the region. We also include faculty in structured evening activities-- Q&A sessions, Chapels, and Family night-- from time to time.

Our connection to Saints Equipped to Evangelize's local church planting team opens opportunities to meet with local missionaries for an in-depth understanding of the spiritual temperature of the Friuli region. Faculty are often invited to preach or share a testimony at one or both local church services (English-speaking service on campus/Italian service in Pordenone).

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