Saints Bible Institute is an accredited study abroad program based in northeastern Italy, an hour north of Venice. The program is open to American college-age or gap year students interested in deepening their Christian faith and understanding Italian life and culture. Our curriculum, offered in intensive one or two-week courses, delves into missions, church planting, Biblical studies, and art history. SBI coursework guides students through Italy’s most famous cities and regional artisans and landmarks.


Saints Bible Institute was founded in 2002 as the educational branch of Saints Equipped to Evangelize, a nonprofit evangelical ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel in Italy. Students join the SEE church planting team for church services and a week of ministry and outreach.

Our mission is to prepare students for a life of service to God-- at home, at church, or overseas-- and deepen their understanding of the great spiritual need present in Europe, specifically Italy.

Campus Values


Saints Bible Institute works alongside Saints Equipped to Evangelize, a church planting team in a spiritually distressed region of Italy. The SBI curriculum is designed to prepare students for future mission at home or abroad.


Christian Life Formation courses, readings, community activities, and relationships with staff all play a part in forming students’ thoughts, perspective, and interactions with God and others.


Saints students study together, eat together, explore Europe together, and develop lifelong friendships. Staff and faculty act as cultural guides, teachers, and mentors.