By applying to SBI you’re taking the first step on an educational journey to that will change the course of your life. You will learn and grow in ways you cannot imagine and you’ll join a small community of fellow learners. So, we want to know more about you: your story, your walk with God, and what has led you to this point. Set aside about 45 minutes to fill out this application, including short essays on your salvation testimony and motivation for studying abroad.

Apply to Saints Bible Institute

1) Complete an SBI Application                      If Internet Explorer does not work well, switch to another browser or download a PDF application

2) Once you receive notification of acceptance from OCU, submit a $200 deposit to Saints Bible Institute. Deposit should be submitted by check to Saints Bible Institute, P.O. Box 587, Bradenton, FL 34206-0587. Your deposit is non-refundable and will be credited toward program cost.

Students will be accepted into the program once an application is processed and approved and an application deposit has been received. All application paperwork and fees are kept on file for one year from application date. After one year, students must reapply to the program.

Saints Bible Institute admits Christian students regardless of sex, race, ethnic origin, or evangelical denomination. However, SBI reserves the right to not enroll a student out of consideration for health, social, or academic issues. U.S. citizenship or permanent resident status is required.