Expand your view of the gospel, of the world, and of yourself at Saints Bible Institute.

Spend a semester abroad brimming with personal growth, missions training, travel, and intensive learning! Join a small community of college students from across the United States in learning and traveling together with top-notch professors and church-planting missionaries.

As an OCUOnline Plus student you have an exciting opportunity to earn college credit toward your degree in Italy at an affordable price. A semester at Saints Bible Institute opens countless ways to gain real world experience as you build cross-cultural communication skills and practice sharing your faith with others.

Campus Life

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“The semester in Italy will expand your horizons as you interact with the people of Italy, faith-filled faculty, and students from around the United States. While there you can walk some of the same paths as the Apostle Paul, sit in da Vinci’s studio, and enjoy the beauty of Venice.”
— Dr. Bradford Sample, Ohio Christian University, Associate Provost and Vice President

Our curriculum, offered in intensive one or two-week courses, delves into missions, church planting, Biblical studies, western civilization, and art history. SBI Fine Arts coursework guides students through Italy’s most famous cities as well as regional landmarks. And you can earn up to 16 hours of college credit.

Why Study at Saints?

A semester at Saints goes far beyond checking off required classes and touring the obligatory landmarks in Italy. A semester here—spring or fall—will challenge your faith, widen your perspective on missions and church, and push you to interact with classmates and faculty in stretching, community-oriented ways. You will walk through buildings that have stood for thousands of years, taste flavors that will linger in your memory forever, and build a cultural navigation skill set that can transport you through any city in Europe. And while you will come home with 16 more college credits to your name, you will also forever carry a new sense of the reality of God at work in the story of human history.

Mission & Values

Course List

Saints courses follow an intensive module format—each class meets for 5 – 10 days, 6 hours per day, with a final exam or project due at the end of each class. Field trips often accompany the coursework, as well as panels, presentations, and discussions off-campus. Daily classes run for three hours in the morning and afternoon with a midday lunch and study break (it’s Italy, you can take a nap after lunch).

The Fine Arts course brings a week of coursework to life with a week-long tour through Rome, Florence, and Venice, guided by faculty and SBI staff. Travel, room & board, and museum entrance fees are included in semester tuition.

Cost to Ohio Christian University Students

$8,900 for tuition, room & board (not including airfare & personal expenses)

Questions? Contact OCUOnline Plus 1-855-OCU-GRAD or ocuonlineplus@ohiochristian.edu